10 best free PC game download sites revealed

As we stride into 2024, the market for legitimate digital game downloads continues to flourish and evolve
The image shows a person gaming on PC. — Pexels
The image shows a person gaming on PC. — Pexels

The options for acquiring PC games are now more abundant than ever. From known publishers' platforms to online stores and subscription services, the world of PC gaming has embraced the convenience of digital downloads.

As we stride into 2024, the market for legitimate digital game downloads continues to flourish and evolve.

In this exhaustive piece, we'll delve into 10 top-notch sites offering free PC game downloads that enable you to procure and enjoy games safely, seamlessly, and within the bounds of the law.

Best sites for free PC game downloads in 2024 


Valve Corporation's Steam platform has long dominated digital PC game distribution. With a colossal library exceeding 50,000 games and boasting over 120 million active players, Steam remains the go-to destination for countless PC gamers in 2024.


  • Vast library covering all genres from major publishers and indie developers
  • Regular sales with substantial price cuts
  • Streamlined game library management across multiple devices
  • Community features including friends lists, groups, and streaming capabilities

Epic Games Store

Launched in 2018 as a direct competitor to Steam, the Epic Games Store has swiftly gained popularity. With frequent giveaways of free games, user-friendly design, and a more developer-friendly revenue split, Epic has secured a significant foothold in the PC gaming market.


  • Weekly free game offerings to attract and retain users
  • Clean user interface with robust security measures
  • Generous 88/12 revenue split for developers
  • Support for features like cloud saves and achievements

GOG (Good Old Games)

GOG, known for DRM-free game downloads and preserving classic titles, caters to both retro and modern gamers. Its commitment to games playable without restrictions and extensive catalogue makes it a favourite among gamers.


  • DRM-free policy enabling offline play without restrictions
  • Broad collection of classic and modern games
  • Compatibility support for older titles on modern systems
  • Fair pricing and frequent sales

Humble Bundle

Renowned for its "pay what you want" game bundles, Humble Bundle also serves as an excellent platform for purchasing individual games. Partnering with developers, Humble offers popular titles while supporting charitable causes.


  • Bundles featuring games across multiple platforms
  • Ability to allocate a portion of payment to charities
  • Storefront for purchasing individual games


Established in 2006, GamersGate remains a formidable platform for lawful game downloads. With a vast catalog, regular sales, and intuitive interface, it continues to be a go-to choice for gamers.


  • Extensive library of over 6,000 games
  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular sales with deep discounts
  • Blue Coin reward system for future purchases

Green Man Gaming

Known for competitive pricing and stellar customer service, Green Man Gaming offers discounted rates on digital PC game downloads and keys. Its UK-based store is a treasure trove for gamers.


  • Discounts on new and popular game releases
  • Credible customer support with quick resolutions
  • VIP membership program for additional benefits

GameStop PC Downloads

Despite its retail focus, GameStop offers a solid online store for digital game downloads. With competitive pricing and seamless integration with its retail system, it's a trusted name in the PC gaming arena.


  • Integration with GameStop's retail system and branding
  • Access to an extensive library of PC game titles
  • Easy refund/return process


Formerly known as "Bundle Stars", Fanatical is renowned for its unique bundles and deals. Offering officially licensed game keys and fair pricing, it's a UK-based storefront worth exploring.


  • Unique bundle offerings
  • Wide selection of game keys at discounted prices
  • Referral and affiliate programs

Gog Galaxy

Developed by CD Projekt Red, Gog Galaxy provides a unified gaming hub for downloading, installing, and launching games across multiple platforms. It aims to streamline the gaming experience for users.


  • Unified client for managing games across platforms
  • Integration of friends lists, achievements, and cloud saves
  • Ability to add non-GOG games for centralised management

Microsoft Store

Integral to the Windows ecosystem, the Microsoft Store serves as a source for purchasing and downloading games. With growing Xbox integration, it's evolving into a gaming platform for PC users.


  • Seamless integration with Windows and Xbox ecosystem
  • Combined library of apps and games optimised for Windows
  • Simple installation and updating of games