11xAI raises $2m funding to pave the way for AI powered workforce

Pre-seed funding round was led by Project A Ventures
An undated picture of 11xAI team. — TechCrunch
An undated picture of 11xAI team. — TechCrunch

London-headquartered start-up 11xAI concluded a pre-seed funding round. It raised $2 million. Project A Ventures led the funding campaign.

The company's object is to create automated digital workers that can substitute human employees in numerous business tasks. Alice's first creation operates as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) sales development representative.

The startup is determined to roll out James, which would help in automated talent acquisition, and Bob, an AI for human resources jobs, in the upcoming era.

11xAI's CEO Hasan Sukkar envisages a future where autonomous agents will drive labour force efficiency, with the target of empowering smaller companies to better compete with industry titans.

Sukkar's aspirations align with the wish to shift tedious tasks away from human employees, enabling them to focus on more inventive and meaningful activities.

The company plans to develop a platform for creating self-directed workers, in addition to their prevailing offerings. 

11xAI is mindful of AI biases and is implementing techniques like regular bias examination, diverse datasets, and overseeing to counter them. Sukkar plans to enlarge his team and intends to enter the US market. 

This voyage marks a remarkable transformation for Sukkar, who started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age and has now placed 11xAI to become a trailblazer in the future of automated workforces.