2024 iPad Pro M3 models specifications, price, release: Rumours hint at 14-inch variant

Gurman indicated in a September 2023 newsletter that Apple is planning a new aluminium Magic Keyboard
An undated image displaying iPad models. — Unsplash
An undated image displaying iPad models. — Unsplash

You must be staying in the know to get your hands on something which would let you have a sneak peek into what's contained inside in-the-pipeline models of iPad Pro this year.

Even though the hype surrounding these machines has led to a flood of leaks and rumours on the internet, the ones we're going to shed light on today are the most reliable and seem closer to the exact formation of the devices, including the whole range of their specs and features.

M3 iPad Pro specifications

The current iPad Pros run on the M2 chip, so it would make sense for any new 2024 models to feature an M3 chip. The M2 chip already provides more power than necessary for the iPad Pros. Due to the iPad's slim and fanless design, it would be more practical for a standard M3 chip to be at the core of a 14-inch iPad Pro. 

M3 iPad Pro 14-inch model

Apple may soon release a new 14-inch model to accompany the existing 11- and 12-inch iPad Pro models, or it could potentially replace one of the current options. 

The rumour of a larger-screened iPad first surfaced in June 2021, when Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported that Apple was exploring the idea of iPads with larger displays, but cautioned against expecting anything in the near future. In December 2023, Gurman hinted that the new iPad Pro could be 13 inches.

Display analyst Ross Young also claimed on X (formerly Twitter) on June 9, 2022 that “Confirmed the 14.1” iPad Pro is being developed with our supply chain sources. It will have MiniLEDs and ProMotion. Not sure of the timing, but early 2023 may be more likely." 

Is new iPad Pro including a keyboard?

Gurman indicated in a September 2023 newsletter that Apple is planning a new aluminium Magic Keyboard with a larger trackpad, that will be released alongside the M3 iPad Pro.

New iPad Pro display design, dimensions

Citing a 9to5 Mac report, Mac World reported that a thinner and lighter model is a probable outcome of Apple’s shift to OLED for the display, which will shove some millimeters off the thickness of the device.

The dimensions of the new iPad Pros are lested below:

  1. 11-inch iPad Pro (2024): 249.7 mm x 177.5 mm x 5.1 mm (currently 11-inch iPad Pro (2022): 247.6 mm x 178.5 mm x 5.9 mm)
  2. 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2024): 281.5 mm x 215.5 mm x 5.0 mm (currently 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2022): 280.6 mm x 214.9 mm x 6.4 mm)

New iPad Pro models prices

The latest iPad Pro models' price range would reportedly mirror that of current iPad Pro variants running on M2 chips.

Model sizeTypePrice
iPad Pro 11-inch
iPad Pro 11-inch
iPad Pro 12.9-inch 
iPad Pro 12.9-inch 

M3 iPad Pro launch schedule

In 2023, there were no updates to Apple's iPad Pro lineup, so it's likely that an upgraded iPad Pro will be added in 2024. Apple typically releases one iPad Pro every 18 months, indicating a potential release in March 2024. 

However, the actual release date depends on Apple's decision, and it may coincide with their spring event, potentially pushing the release to the latter part of 2024. It's important to note that Apple has been inconsistent with the timeline for iPad launches.

When will M3 iPad Pro release?

According to Mark Gurman's December newsletter in 2023, a prolific tipster who covers extensively on Apple products, a new iPad Pro will be launched in March 2024. He recently in his January 2024 newsletter claimed that Apple has gone into “deep” production with the next generation of iPads and the MacBook Air, gearing up for a late March release.