2024's hottest tech rumours: Must-haves for the next year?

Rumours suggest that the next iPad Pro models, slated for a 2024 release, will feature OLED displays
The image shows an iPad. — Apple
The image shows an iPad. — Apple

We're already anticipating the release of exciting gadgets like the Apple Vision Pro, iPhone 16, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, and the Humane AI pin in 2024. However, what about the unconfirmed tech that's keeping us on the edge of our seats?

Speculation suggests significant developments in the tech realm, such as new display technology potentially arriving in the iPad lineup and an expanded presence of USB-C in various iDevices. Furthermore, there's talk of a potential refresh for a popular handheld gaming console in 2024.

Tech rumours 2024

Nintendo Switch 2

Sources from Video Games Chronicle hint at the release of the Nintendo Switch 2 in the latter half of 2024. Expected to retain the LCD panel from its predecessor to manage costs, this console will still support physical game cartridges but will likely offer increased storage for more immersive gaming experiences.

Windows 12

Anticipate the arrival of a new-generation Windows OS in the form of Windows 12, reportedly set to launch in 2024, according to reports from Commercial Times. This release might coincide with a new wave of "AI PCs," aiming to increase adoption rates compared to the slow uptake of Windows 11.

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iPad Pro with OLED

Rumours suggest that the next iPad Pro models, slated for a 2024 release, will feature OLED displays, promising enhanced brightness and energy efficiency. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg also hints at the inclusion of the M3 chip, similar to the one found in the 14-inch M3 MacBook Pro.

AirPods 4 with FindMy and noise cancellation

Gurman's insights suggest the imminent arrival of the fourth-generation AirPods equipped with FindMy support and noise cancellation in 2024. Additionally, reports indicate a refresh for AirPods Max models, expected to sport a USB-C port this year.

Samsung's first 'AI phone'

Trademark applications hint at Samsung's plan to introduce the next-generation Galaxy handsets as its inaugural AI phone line. Though specifics are scarce, there are indications of deep development in generative AI, as hinted by Samsung's Director of Global Product Planning, Junho Park.