Here's everything you should know about 2027 Subaru WRX STe

It will have a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system
2027 Subaru WRX STe is illustrated here. — MotorTrend/File
2027 Subaru WRX STe is illustrated here. — MotorTrend/File

The forthcoming 2027 Subaru WRX STe marks a noteworthy transition for the rally-themed sedan car, suggesting progress towards the adoption of electric power to continue the admired WRX STI legacy.

Subaru's recent decision to roll out the existing WRX without an STI model was impacted by impending regulations that threatened the feasibility of such variants in the long term. 

However, the automaker appears committed to creating an environment friendly for its performance-oriented lineup.

Hearsays have been stimulated by Subaru's move to pursue intellectual property safeguarding for the name STe in Germany, sparking widespread speculation and curiosity that the brand is accepting electrification for its next flagship performance car.

Whether it will be a hybrid-powered or an all-electric vehicle is yet to be determined, the importance of the 2027 Subaru WRX STe lies not only in its electrified engine but also in its role as a budget-friendly alternative in the diminishing category of specialised performance cars.

Aficionados will likely welcome and rejoice in this new entry, particularly considering Subaru's reputation for delivering invigorating rally-inspired driving experiences.

As for the projected price, the WRX STI has traditionally been placed as a halo car with a higher price tag within Subaru's lineup. It is reasonable to suppose that the new elect version might start around $55,000, offering performance fans an exciting yet accessible option.