4 outstanding TCL TVs to buy in 2024

Best TCL TVs provide high-quality performance at affordable rates

An undated image of  TCL Q class 4k mini LED TV. — TCL
An undated image of  TCL Q class 4k mini LED TV. — TCL

TCL TVs are substantially the best when it comes to the prices and other features, with outstanding up-to-date TV technology at an affordable price. However, all the TVs are worthy to consider but, you should select the one tailored to your requirements.

TCL might not be your number one brand on the bucket list to buy TVs. If not then you are mistaken. So for your ease, we have briefly discussed a few models and covered all of their aspects that possess outstanding features and are worthy to consider.

So, let’s have a look on them:


QM8 QLED TV is considered a remarkable model when it comes to the best gaming TVs. It has a 65-inch display with 120Hz refresh rate screen with just Dolby vision available as well as HDR 10+, with 13ms input lag. Additionally, Google TV OS has also provided access to all the favourite as well as movies. So, if you are looking for the best quality gaming display then QM8 QLED TV is certainly considered the best one which is not heavy on the pocket too.


If QM8 QLED TV doesn't suit you because of its price or any other reason then TCL Q7 QLED TV is also a great pick for you for gaming etc. As it possesses great specs for its price which does not even sit at approximately $700 for its 65-inch model.

It also provides an outstanding quality of gaming performance as well as picture quality with a 120hz refresh rate however, it's one step lower than Q8 but offers a great performance especially in play station 5. So, if you are a PS5 fan it is probably be the best choice for you.


TCL Q6 QLED TV is further down than Q7 so obviously it features lesser specs than the upgraded models. However, it's still a contender and proves to be the best in this industry with a retail price of around $500 for the 65-inch model. It features a strong and vibrant colour theme and measures almost 97.42% on Rec709 while 94.51% on UHDA-P3 gamut along with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

4. TCL S4 S-class TV

This is the cheapest TCL TVs but no matter whatever the price of the product is, TCL never compromises over its quality. TCL S4 also provides 4k performance with three HDMI 2.0 ports which is pretty good for making the leap from full HD Tvs. However, you wouldn’t be able to get maximum frame rates because of less panel and its low brightnessoutput means that it would disturb the contrast.