5 Android apps Apple's App Store should offer

These are the best Android apps that every iPhone users should install
An image showcasing various apps icons. — Pexels
An image showcasing various apps icons. — Pexels  

Apple, a tech giant users claim that the iPhone offers a wider range of apps than Android.

There are various apps on iPhone that Android users can’t find on Google Play. However, some of the best Android apps are missing from Apple’s App Store.

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Most of the apps on this list have competent iOS alternatives, but they cannot match their Android versions. Here are several Android-only applications that Apple's devices extremely require.

Best Android apps for iPhone users

  1. Parallel App
  2. Podcast Addict
  3. Poweramp Music Player
  4. Action Blocks
  5. Pixtica

Parallel App

Some social media apps provide a feature to log in to multiple accounts on a single device, whereas, most aren't built for easy switching between them. Parallel App allows users to run multiple accounts on the same app, such as WhatsApp or Instagram, making it easy to manage many accounts.

After creating a shortcut for an app that is already installed on your phone, it will act as a standalone app, allowing you to sign in with a different account. You may repeat this procedure for as many accounts as you need, and it is not restricted to social networking sites.

However, Parallel App should not be confused with Parallel Space, which is available for iOS but has significant restrictions. Dual Space, another comparable iOS software, supports fewer apps than Parallel for Android.

Podcast Addict

It’s the best app for listening to numerous podcasts. It has automated episode updates and downloads, variable speed playing, quiet skip, volume boost, a sleep timer, and more.

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Podcast Addict includes a podcast search tool for locating specific episodes browsing multiple databases for popular shows. In addition, the app supports video podcasts, YouTube channels, audiobooks, streaming radio, and other media sources.

In addition to Apple Podcasts, iPhone users have Spotify and Pocket Casts. These apps lack some of Podcast Addict's finest playback capabilities, but they are still useful for discovering new podcasts.

Poweramp Music Player

There isn't a better music player for Android users than this one, which supports cutting-edge hi-res audio codecs, smooth playback without gaps, and a 10-band equaliser.

In addition, users can customise the theme of Poweramp by downloading skins from the Play Store. Whereas, the app comes with an affordable price tag, first-time users have the option to test Poweramp for seven days before making a purchase.

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VLC Media Player tends to be the best option for Apple users, while Spotify and iTunes offer some of the same playback features.

Action Blocks

Action Blocks is developed for those who rely extensively on Google Assistant, allowing users a possibly faster alternative to do routine activities than voice requests.

Users may quickly do operations by just touching on customisable home screen widgets. Moreover, users can build several actions and set them on their home screen for quick access.

The Shortcut app for iPhone allows users to create similar shortcuts for Siri instructions. However, Apple customers might benefit from more extensive support, such as Action Blocks.


Pixtica is a strong alternative to users' Android phone's default camera software. It combines a wealth of photography tools and camera controls into one easy compact. Moreover, Pixtica's manual camera controls allow user to fine-tune their images by adjusting ISO, shutter speed, and focus. The software also has additional features such as live filters with real-time previews, panoramic mode, and hyper-lapse mode.

Adobe Photoshop Camera is likely the best option for iPhone users, however it does not provide as much customisation as Pixtica.