5 reasons Xbox game pass is perfect for streamers

Xbox Game Pass includes a wide range of games, from exhilarating action titles
An undated image of Xbox Game Pass. — Xbox
An undated image of Xbox Game Pass. — Xbox

Microsoft's Xbox game pass is popular among gaming fans and the nicest part about this service is that the users may play a large number of games without any upper limit (depending on the total number of titles) for a low monthly charge.

Its extensive catalogue, low price, and cross-platform availability are its main draws for customers. Unlike other subscription services, you may download any item from their catalogue.

If users are unsure about purchasing the game pass, let Gadinsider assure users that it's more than worthwhile — it's a fantastic investment. If this isn't enough for users, here are the top five reasons to subscribe.

Why should users purchase an Xbox Game Pass subscription?

A huge and growing library

Gamers desire exceptional titles that transport them to another universe, whether it's a large open-world adventure or a fast-paced competitive game. They want to feel pushed, surprised and appreciated for their efforts.

Moreover, the Xbox Game Pass includes a wide range of games, from exhilarating action titles to more laid-back, casual experiences. It includes both first-party and third-party titles (including exclusives).

Microsoft began with a smaller library, concentrating on building a solid basis. Currently, the gaming service's catalogue has increased dramatically, with hundreds of games available to play and download.

Cross-platform play

Xbox Game Pass allows users to play titles on a variety of operating systems. Depending on their membership package, the users can play games on Xbox consoles, and PCs, and even stream them to their Android smartphones.

However, not every game supports cross-play. This might be due to technological difficulties, developer decisions, or platform-imposed limits.

For example, owing to limits in Apple's App Store standards, users cannot directly stream Xbox Game Pass titles to their iPhone or iPad.

Unmatched value

Microsoft's gaming service offers a substantially lower subscription cost than its competitors. It starts at only $9.99 per month. While its all-inclusive tier, also known as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, costs $16.99 per month, there are restrictions on which territories it is accessible.

New games on day one

Many games go through the pre-order process before being launched. This allows retailers and publishers to generate excitement around the title. However, owing to restricted availability, only a few pre-order copies are secured.

Extra perks & discounts

Users receive a variety of special privileges and additional discounts depending on the membership plan they choose. This includes free in-game stuff, add-ons, and several deals with significant savings.

Aside from that, players receive EA PLAY for free with Xbox Game Pass PC and Ultimate subscriptions. This means that gamers may experience major brands such as Battlefield, FIFA, The Sims, and Mass Effect at no extra expense.