5 Snapchat tricks for next level snapping experience

You can simply create AI images using AI selfie feature on Snapchat
An undated image of Snapchat. — Unsplash
An undated image of Snapchat. — Unsplash

Snapchat, an American instant messaging platform, is the most prominent app among Gen Z and millennials, and its self-vanishing snaps and chats feature has played a significant role in this.

Moreover, Snapchat has brought exciting features for users, which would be more fruitful if they want to boost their snapping game. 

According to the guide posted on Instagram by @techplusgadgets, from lesser-known features to time-saving shortcuts, Gadinsider covered the 5 essential Snapchat tricks to help users become pro Snapchatter.

Best Snapchat features

Taking screenshots on Snapchat

If your friend has sent a streak, you take a screenshot but Snapchat will give a notification and display it on chat that you have screenshot the streak. The simple step without letting friends know about screenshots, ask Google Assistant ‘Hey Google take a screenshot’. It won't notify your friend about the screenshot.

Send normal photos as a snap

  • Click an image from your mobile camera
  • Open Snapchat, click the ‘+’ icon.
  • Select the Director Mode
  • Select any image taken from a normal camera. You can send it as a snap to anyone in the contact list.

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Hide images using My Eyes Only

If you need to hide personal images, it can be done easily using Snapchat eyes.

  • Open the Snapchat app.
  • Go to the gallery ‘Camera roll’
  • Select the pictures
  • Tap to the option ‘hide’ displayed down the interface.
  • Images will be shifted to ‘My Eyes Only,’ while to see hidden photos you need to input a password.

Create selfie with AI

You can simply create AI images using the AI selfie feature on Snapchat.

  • Go to settings, and tap the AI selfie option.
  • Upload a selfie
  • Turn on the dreams option.
  • Then, go to Memories and use Dream to create productive AI selfies.

Brand information

Your friend has sent you an amazing dress and you want to know which brand your friend bought without asking.

  • Take a screenshot, and go to the gallery ‘Screenshot’.
  • There’s a screenshot option displayed on the top from where you can get information on which website your friend used to purchase the dress.