How to set custom, default ringtones on your Android

Smartphones these days come with their own stock of built-in ringtones
The image shows a person holding smartphone. — Unsplash
The image shows a person holding smartphone. — Unsplash

Be it Android or iPhone, all smartphones come with a stock of their own ringtones out of which you can choose for all your contacts or a different one for each contact. 

But sometimes, not all the ringtones in our mobile phones sound pleasing and become a cause of distress to our ears.

Are you tired of hearing those old, lame ringtones of your smartphone that don’t match your music taste, and badly want to add some of your favourite and custom ringtones? We are here to set aside your miseries.

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Guide to setting default ringtones on Android

The steps below apply to every sort of Android phone with slight differences, depending on the model you have.

  1. Head to the settings of your phone.
  2. Tap on Sound & vibration.
  3. Scroll to Phone ringtone.
  4. There will appear a list of your phone's default ringtones.
  5. Click on them to play and listen.
  6. And if you like any, tap on Save/OK to save changes.

In case you don't like your phone's built-in ringtones, and wish to import and set a custom ringtone from your phone's storage, follow the guide below.

Add custom ringtones on your Android

By following the first three steps mentioned in the guide above, navigate to the list of default ringtones of your phone.

  1. At the bottom of the ringtones list, tap the "+" icon OR "Add ringtone."
  2. Here you'll have to pick your desired ringtone/song from your device storage.
  3. Confirm your selection.
  4. Your custom audio file will be added to the ringtones list, and now you'll be able to set it as your default ringtone.