Adobe set to change its Terms of Service following backlash

Adobe will be releasing updated Terms of Service to make data protection more apaprent
An undated image of the Adobe logo. — 1000 Logos
An undated image of the Adobe logo. — 1000 Logos

Adobe faced criticism for its ambiguous indication about using user content to train its generative artificial intelligence (AI), Firefly, prompting the company to announce upcoming changes to its terms of service.

The problem began when Adobe users were notified about a language change in their Terms of Service. The vagueness of the text seemed to imply that Adobe could use user data to train its AI, which led to resistance from the creative community.

After acknowledging the issue, the company posted a blog to clarify that even though the text wasn't clear, they hadn't used any user data. They did, however, admit their mistake in not updating the Terms to make the meaning more clear.

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"We have never trained generative AI on our customer’s content, we have never taken ownership of a customer’s work, and we have never allowed access to customer content beyond what’s legally required,” President of Digital media, David Wadhwani told The Verge.

Many creatives have been frustrated by Adobe's perceived monopoly over the market and its costly subscription plans. Another point worth mentioning is the controversy surrounding Adobe's Firefly AI.

The AI was supposedly trained using publicly available stock imagery to sidestep any ethical concerns. However, some creators have discovered that certain stock images served as inspirations for their own art, further eroding trust.

“We feel very, very good about the process” Wadhwani stated regarding the AI training process, adding that Adobe could remove data from Firefly’s records that violated policies and that customers could opt out of certain terms to experience a more fulfilling experience.

The company acknowledged that “trust must be earned” and though such an attitude is welcomed, it will take time though the company affirms, “We are determined to be a trusted partner for creators in the era ahead. We will work tirelessly to make it so.” The update will roll out on June 19.