AI-powered Theft Detection Lock announced for Android

Phones running on Android 10 will get theft detection lock feature
A representational image. — Unsplash
A representational image. — Unsplash 

Ever imagine being able to use your phone without worrying about it being stolen or compromised? Google, the tech giant, announced its latest update for Android users. 

Google is prioritising security in Android 15 after introducing many exciting features aimed at safeguarding users' data in the event of theft. Another feature that Google is rolling out soon is the Theft Detection Lock. 

What is a theft detection lock?

The Theft Detection Lock feature is an AI-powered feature that detects when your phone is stolen from your hands, be it on foot or in a vehicle. It instantly locks your phone, protecting your personal information and files from unauthorised access. 

Google says the combination of features will protect before, during, or after a theft attempt. The service will be available to users later this year through updates to Google Play Services. 

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This feature is not limited to Android 15. Google has confirmed that all phones running on Android 10 will get the theft detection lock feature. With Anti-Theft Lock, you can have peace of mind knowing your device is safe. 

Whether you’re checking directions, taking photos, or simply texting your information, you'll be secure with the theft detection lock feature. This is a vital feature for anyone who uses their phone in public. 

Additionally, Android will now require stricter authentication before allowing modifications to sensitive device settings. To protect user information and privacy, making any major changes will require owner credentials.