AI startup Anthropic's Claude version rivals ChatGPT

Its answers can now extend up to 3,000 words
An undated image of the logo of Anthropic. — Company website
An undated image of the logo of Anthropic. — Company website

Anthropic, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup, has introduced the latest update of its AI chatbot, called Claude.

According to Bloomberg, it is considered a rival of ChatGPT, a pioneer of the modern AI chatbot. This iteration marks an important landmark for the company, which intends to place itself as a producer of safer chatting bot solutions.

Claude 2 is now available to users in the USA and the UK through the online platform the portal allows businesses to integrate the chatbot into their products using Anthropic's application programming interface (API).

The release of Claude 2 ensues several months after Anthropic launched an earlier version of the chatbot for businesses. Significantly, Quora Inc. was amongst the corporations that tested the bot and integrated it into their application called Poe, which empowers users to ask questions.

Analogous to its forerunners, Claude 2 is built on a bulky language model and excels at numerous written tasks such as summarisation, searching, answering questions, and coding. Both versions of the portal have the capability to process extensive amounts of text. For example, users can be prompted for a book summary. Nonetheless, Claude 2 is able to produce longer responses in comparison with the preceding model.

The company said that answers can now expand up to roughly 3,000 words. Furthermore, Claude 2 boasts heightened accuracy when it comes to precise subjects, including coding and elementary-level mathematics.