AirTag 2: Apple preps tracking tile with supercharged signal

Apple likely to make several AI-related announcements at WWDC 2024
An undated image of Apple AirTag. — Apple
An undated image of Apple AirTag. — Apple

Apple is developing the next version of AirTag, which might come around the middle of 2025 as the Cupertino-based tech firm has begun testing the new device.

The second-generation AirTag may have a new chipset with improved location tracking, along with some other quality-of-life enhancements.

Moreover, this will be the first upgrade of AirTag, which debuted in April 2021. However, Apple is expected to make several AI-related announcements at the 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is set for June 10.

The second-generation AirTag is internally identified as B589. According to reports, the tracking gadget may receive a new chipset that enhances location-tracking capabilities.

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In addition, the research emphasises increased battery life, a louder speaker, and a more portable wallet style. It will also be interesting to see if Apple adds any anti-stalking safeguards at the hardware level, considering the controversy surrounding the first-generation device and the numerous lawsuits Apple has faced as a result of it.

The AirTag 2 is set to go into mass production in the fourth quarter of 2024, which would have coincided with the company's March event. However, given the current timeframe, it might appear around WWDC 2025 or later.

Ahead of WWDC 2024, rumours indicate that the iPhone manufacturer is under pressure from rivals who are releasing many new AI developments and want to bridge the gap. Siri might be given a substantial revamp, including AI integration. The Safari browser is also anticipated to receive additional AI features.

A tech giant may also add additional security elements, as the original AirTag received negative headlines after some criminals allegedly exploited AirTags with malevolent purpose.

With the iOS 17.5 update, Apple implemented a Cross-Platform Tracking Detection function that warns an iPhone user if an unfamiliar Bluetooth tracker not registered to the owner's iPhone is tagged with him, regardless of which mobile operating system the tracker is associated with.