All you need to know about CropIn Technology Solutions

The startup has revolutionised farm practices worldwide
An undated picture bearing logo of Cropin Cloud. — Cropin Cloud/File
An undated picture bearing logo of Cropin Cloud. — Cropin Cloud/File

One start-up that has been at the forefront of the agriculture-related technology revolution also known as the AgTech revolution is CropIn Technology Solutions, a trailblazer in the industry since its launch in 2010. With its Intelligent Agriculture Cloud platform, Cropin has enabled its customers across the agriculture industry, to transform agriculture practices worldwide.

A Glimpse into Cropin's Foundation

Established in August 2010, Cropin Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd is based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Although the start-up had a typical humble beginning in an insignificant two-room hired flat, the start-up has become a full-fledged big company in the AgTech area. Cropin's forward-thinking co-founders, Krishna Kumar, and Kunal Prasad, along with the Chief Business Officers, Mohit Pande and Rahul Singh, have been instrumental in driving the company's accomplishment.

Enabling farms through Digitization and AI

Cropin's Intelligent Agriculture Cloud platform has disrupted the agri sector by utilizing cutting-edge digitization software and artificial intelligence tools. Cropin presents a strong ecosystem that has brought data-driven decision-making in farming. The digital platform empowers stakeholders to attain improved efficiency, augmented productivity, and enhanced sustainability in their farm practices.

Partnering with 250+ Customers Worldwide

With a striking track record, Cropin has joined forces with over 250 customers worldwide. The start-up has magnificently digitized an astounding 16 million acres of agricultural land, revolutionizing livelihoods and farm practices. By giving real-time insights and data on which the farmers could act, Cropin has transformed the way farmers approach their craftsmanship.