All you need to know about Daihatsu Mira X SA lll

Specs that make Mira X SA III standout among its X series

An undated image of Mira X SA III model. — Goonet
An undated image of Mira X SA III model. — Goonet

Daihatsu’s Mira X SA III is a middle-tier, mini car which accompanies a startling package of its specifications and features.

Being not so expensive, nor too cheap, ranks it among those brands that seem to be a little over one’s mediocre budget when buying brand-new, however, with a little compromise of condition this car can be bought as a second-hand. Nevertheless, it can be bought in 10/10 condition for Rs 3.5 million at the company price.

This latest model marks another addition to the Mira X series, handing itself the title of being the top-notch among Mira’s X family after the release of Mira G SA III.

As per the manufacturer’s official website, the variant was assembled by Daihatsu as an Anniversary Edition.

Daihatsu’s Mira X SA III


  • 32-litre fuel tank.
  • Up to 20km per litre mileage.
  • Electric power steering.
  • Automatic climate control.
  • Front, rear, 360 camera for safety purposes.


  • No interior lighting or navigation.
  • No USB or auxiliary cable.
  • No power door locks.
  • Too costly as compared to its competitors.



Mira X SA III is powered by a 658cc engine which comes with a capacity of generating horsepower (HP) up to 49 at 6000 RPM. Additionally, the mileage it gives amidst city traffic is 18km per litre, while on the highways it might be dragged to 22km per litre.


The notable feature is its capability to automatically adjust the internal climate. Meanwhile, features like an anti-lock braking system (ABS), rain-sensing wipers, and safety airbags are worthy of being boasted alongside. It also accompanies folding rear seats, power windows and power door locks that give a sense of security while being inside.


The vehicle comes in line with its series’ promise of being a mini car, with a length of only 133.6 inches (3.4 metres) and a width of 58 inches ( approximately 1.5 metres), whereas it also gives a ground clearance of almost five inches which subsides the probability of hitting the ground to some extent.