Amazon Alexa upgrade delayed for THIS reason

A report claims that delayed version of Amazon Alexa would be more capable in terms of conversation and interpretation of contexts
An undated image of Amazon Echo dot. — Freepik
An undated image of Amazon Echo dot. — Freepik

In the landscape of virtual assistants, top of the line tech tycoons like Apple, Microsoft and many more are gushing upward to outclass one another.

Amazon Alexa update release delayed

Unfortunately, much to the dismay of voice assistants, a recently surfaced report found Amazon grappling to keep its posture straight on its way to give rise to the latest version of Alexa, which has been in the works for too long.

The development has come to light at a time when Apple has lifted the veil of its brand new Siri backed by its Apple Intelligence at the WWDC 2024 conference.

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Should the report possess any authenticity, bear in mind that the more potential iteration of Amazon Alexa is not in sight for an indefinite period.

The report further claims that the delayed version of Amazon Alexa was more capable in terms of having conversations, interpretation of contexts, being the traits which Amazon itself touted at its hardware event held in fall last year.

Former Amazon employees believe the new Alexa will either never be ready or get surpassed by rivals after launching. The existing Alexa technology is affecting progress on the new, smarter version. Amazon struggles to integrate the old and new systems, particularly in making consistent API calls and training the language model.

The company's decentralised structure further takes a toll on the development, leading to inefficiencies and frustration among employees, as some employees think Amazon's organisational issues are the main barrier to Alexa's advancement.