An exciting news coming for T-Mobile users on Android 15

Reports suggests T-Mobile is about to launch new feature 'Satellite Messaging'
An undated image of  AI representing satellite messaging.  — Freepik
An undated image of  AI representing 'satellite messaging'.  — Freepik

Satellite’s connectivity has substantially become a hot topic since it has been introduced in Apple’s iPhone 14 series. Now, the reports suggest that the Satellite messaging feature is expected to be introduced in T-mobile users on Android 15 too, people are very excited for it as it’s an exceptional feature that will certainly assist all of us.

Even in previous Android beta releases, tech giants have also spotted a hidden messaging page that is expected to be integrated into T-Mobile as well as SapceX’s satellite messages. This page is now live for many T-mobile users too.

Actually many forms of satellite connectivity need new hardware which is the reason why this feature is not integrated into all the smartphones yet. Only two companies have recently announced their plans to spread out the satellite connection this year.

Additionally, Google has recently launched a new ‘Satellite Messaging’ page in Android 15s settings, which demonstrates the users about its settings. To receive the best signals your phone must have ‘a clear view of sky’, bad weather conditions will cause an adverse effect on this feature.

Multiple users on Reddit’s T-Mobile community report that they are now capable of accessing ‘Satellite Messaging’ then going to settings, then Network & settings then clicking on ‘SMS’ > T-Mobile in Android 15 Beta 2.

However, it is still veiled that what plans will be eligible for the satellite messaging but everyone hopes for the best T-Mobile plans. But, you would likely have to wait for some time now for any official announcement.