Android 14 QPR2 update released for US Pixel phones

Android 14 QPR2 includes Close this app shortcut to Camera privacy indicators
An undated image shows a Pixel phone placed atop its box. — Unsplash
An undated image shows a Pixel phone placed atop its box. — Unsplash

As the search engine giant promised to roll out the Android 14 QPR2 on March 11 while making its announcement alongside the release of  March Pixel Feature Drop, the update has begun accessible by select US users. 

While this does not align with what the company announced, some Pixel users in the US were able to install the over-the-air (OTA) QPR2 update of Android 14 last week. 

Moreover, a substantial chunk out of Pixel's user base in the US were able to install the update without any hassle, and some users of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Google Fi received the AP1A.240305.019.A1 build version which Google dubbed as the “global” software version. 

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In view with the one-week long developmental hiatus, additional carrier-specific builds were anticipated, but not a single has surfaced, unforunately.

On the contrary, no Verizon customers have received the Android 14 QPR2 update, and neither did Verizon's support pages have any updates listed on them.

New features of Android 14 QPR2

Among a wide array of functional enhancements and features added in the Android 14's QPR2, the most noteworthy are the following inclusions:

  • Close this app shortcut added to Camera privacy indicators
  • Expandable Bluetooth Quick Settings 
  • Share Wi-Fi in the Internet QS Tile
  • New icons for alarm 
  • New volume slider with more Material You
  • DND on the Pixel’s Weather lockscreen clock
  • Single app screen recording or Casting

On top of all these features, a new “Previously used with account” section — located in Connected devices tab in Settings — shows Fast Pair headphones that are saved to your Google Account. 

Android 14 update on Pixel Fold integrates into app launcher the ability to let users search for apps when accessed from the multitasking grid. The app launcher is accessible from the taskbar.

A new screen saying "Your Pixel is up to date" has been added, and the App info page now displays the package name along with a new Force stop icon. Battery information page has also been removed by Google from the Settings.