Android 15 Beta 3 bug makes lock screen useless, demands constant authentication

Some users have reported that the issue persists even after rolling back to previous version of Android
An undated image of Android logo. — Unsplash
An undated image of Android logo. — Unsplash

Android 15 Beta 3, the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, became the centre of attention due to a frustrating bug driving the users crazy. 

The lock screen feature in Android, which is meant to help you quickly manage all the notifications without unlocking the device, has been noticed constantly asking for authentication making the lock screen essentially useless.

What is the issue caused by the bug?

When your phone is locked, any tap or swipe over the screen brings up a PIN code screen from where you’ll be able to unlock the device by entering the code. You can't interact with notifications, delete emails, or expand alerts without unlocking your phone first. The only exception is play/pause on the media player.

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This bug is constantly asking the users for authentication when they’re trying to swipe away any notification or accessing the shortcuts like camera or flashlight. This bug is inconsistent, and sometimes it works normally, but most of the time, it doesn't.

However, this issue is not affecting all the users, but for those who are experiencing it, it's happening frequently. This bug is not only frustrating but also disruptive, especially when you need to quickly glance at notifications or dismiss them without unlocking your phone.

Even though the users have tried playing with the authentication settings, like enabling and disabling Face Unlock, fingerprint unlock, and PIN code. Some users have reported that the issue persists even after rolling back to a previous version of Android.