Android 15 might enable users to force apps into dark mode

Android 15 to enhance the overall user experience in little ways
An undated image of Android 15. — Android Developers
An undated image of Android 15. — Android Developers 

Android 15 may include a new "make all apps dark" function that requires apps without a native dark theme to become dark.

Citing a source, Toms Guide reported that Android 15 may contain a slider that allows users to push apps into dark mode more efficiently than the present alternatives.

This new function appears to be an extension of the present setting, known as "Override Force Dark," and impacts more applications than the previous toggle.

According to the source, the "make all apps dark" toggle has been in the code since the Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 upgrade, but it was not visible by default and remains so as of the Android 15 Beta 1.2 release.

However, the "make all apps dark" option affected more apps than the existing "override force-dark" setting. This might indicate that the previously available opt-out option has been withdrawn.

In addition, the new choice has a lesser impact on graphics, while contrast on some buttons remains an issue. However, it appears to perform considerably better with specific apps, such as Fitbit, than the existing technique.

Android 14's current developer setting, "override force-dark," has existed since Android 10. It was designed to allow developers to rapidly adopt a dark theme without having to write it themselves, however, it can be unreliable.

The second Android 15 beta is planned to be published in May 2024 at Google I/O. While Android 15 sounds very mundane in comparison to Apple's iOS 18, it appears to be attempting to enhance the overall user experience in little ways.

According to some rumours, the upcoming Android version would allow users to reduce the screen beyond even the lowest brightness settings, as well as additional security measures such as enhanced protection against side-loaded applications.