Android Automotive receives huge update with native Max and Peacock streaming

Google is gradually expanding its selection of in-car entertainment
An undated image of  Android Auto vs Android Automotive. — Autoevolution
An undated image of  Android Auto vs Android Automotive. — Autoevolution

Google has recently announced a thrilling news about the addition of multiple exciting apps which includes Max as well as Peacock to Android Automotive infotainment platform which is used by the likes of Volvo, Renault, etc.

Ford, Acura as well as Honda are multiple manufacturers that use the strength of Android Automotive with Google Automotive Services (GAS) that app permits those brands to provide Google Maps in car displays which is an easy-to-operate phone screen mirroring device. Almost every traveller is taking maximum benefit from these two new streaming services in the USA.

Usually vehicles providing gaming as well as video streaming must be parked before the access of these services.

According to Porsche, last year both it’s Macan EV as well as revised Panamera will present an optional display to the passenger which will provide access to gaming as well as video streaming services while keeping your data safe and secure. 

The Verge claimed that Android Auto us also treated to an update mostly in the form of being able to access the Uber app on any Android smartphone-compatible car display. By this Uber driver doesn't require to rely just on a smartphone which is placed on the dash and provides them access to their interface through the entertainment screen.

According to Auto Evolution, the Android Auto update will surround web browsers through which all the customer’s will be able to get access to all entertainment websites without unlocking a tethered phone.

However, Tesla is providing an exceptional opportunity to all of its users to catch up on TV shows, music as well as movies with Netflix, Youtube and Spotify too. Enjoy multiple high-notch games, all these accessibilities are only because plenty of the most popular brands are creating their own entertainment brand by compromising the usability by taking over those customer;s who need a familiar Android as well as iOS experience.

These same manufacturers can now give their customers what they truly want — access to their favourite apps inside the car — while leaving the time-consuming and expensive development effort to Google because of platform's more recent embrace of Android Automotive.

While it seems that Google is gradually expanding its selection of in-car entertainment, the most recent upgrade is mostly targeted at the US market, where apps like Peacock and Max are accessible.