Android's 'Collections' feature announced: Organising existing apps' prominent content

Developers could utilise feature to display 'personalised recommendations, promotions' that would help discover other content, deal
An undated logo of Android. — Freepik
An undated logo of Android. — Freepik

Alphabet-owned Google is set to promote Android apps outside its Play Store is to shape up; as a new feature “Collections” unveiled that the users can keep up with their apps from their Android home screen. 

The company unveiled tools for users to re-engage with the apps they already have on their devices. However, Google didn’t reveal what this surface would appear like. It focused on the software development kit (SDK) that developers could use to co-opt with the new offering. 

Moreover, the company has over 35 developer partners to check the new feature, including Spotify, Pinterest, Tumblr, TikTok and Shopify. 

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Developers were shown details about a new invite-only Engage SDK, prepared largely to bring users back into their apps by displaying content, promotions, and deals. Google stated the surface would “automatically organise the best and most prevalent content from apps already installed” with a focus on allowing cross-ap-continuing journeys for nearly every app category. 

The experiments in reverse engineering unveil a still-in-development boast called “Collections.” Earlier referred to by the codename “Cubes,” the feature established a Play-Store-powered widget for the Android home screen that manages app updates into types like Watch, Listen, Read, Games, Social and Shop. 

The company said app developers could utilise the feature to display “personalised recommendations and promotions” that would help discover other content and deals the users might have missed. 

The APK teardown unveiled that the feature is set to be released initially in the US. Google has yet not answered a request for comment on the Collections feature. However, it announced previously that the consumer experience would be released later. 

Recently, Google disclosed a new hardware and Android event, “Made by Google,” which will begin in August. The company is expected to unveil this feature more officially at that time.