App Store Purchase History page redesigned to offer payments insight, filters

After redesigned Purchase History page on App Store, users can now easily view their last 90 days of paid purchases
An undated image shows App Store. — Pexels
An undated image shows App Store. — Pexels

Tech giant Apple has redesigned App Store's Purchase History page to add insightful details regarding the payments made by the user as well as an array of unique filters. 

Coming almost a month after the release of iOS 17.4, the tweak encompassing the Purchase History page on the App Store appears to be a sneakily instilled amendment from the company as there were no announcements prior to it. 

As reported by 9to5Mac, the App Store’s Purchase History page now looks more refreshed, while providing users with details that were previously absent and sought after by users. 

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Owing to the unannounced changes brought upon the Purchase History page, there's no concrete information as to when Apple exactly redesigned the App Store’s Purchase History page. 

The Purchase History page redesign has simplified the process for users to review their purchases made through the App Store, in-app purchases, and Apple subscriptions. 

Moreover, users can now easily view their last 90 days of paid purchases, alongside the option to filter by free and paid, purchase type, and family member who made the purchases. 

After selecting a purchase, users can view details such as the device used for the purchase, order ID and date, price, card used, and billing address. Additionally, users have the ability to resend the receipt to their email address, manage a specific subscription, or report a problem to Apple. 

The new Purchase History page design in the App Store appears to be available worldwide and can be accessed by tapping on the profile icon in the App Store.