Apple aims for thinner devices with iPhone 17

Latest iPad Pro has been marketed as the "thinnest Apple product ever"
An undated image of an iPhone 17. — YouTube/Science & Knowledge
An undated image of an iPhone 17. — YouTube/Science & Knowledge

In a move that signals a return to ultra-slim designs, Apple is reportedly developing the iPhone 17 as its thinnest device ever, according to a recent report by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. This development follows the debut of the thinnest iPad Pro in May, which appears to have set the stage for Apple's future device designs.

Gurman revealed in his newsletter that Apple is "now focused on developing a significantly skinnier phone in time for the iPhone 17 line in 2025." This shift marks a departure from Apple's recent trend of producing heftier devices, such as the MacBook Pro and Apple Watch Ultra, which prioritised battery life, faster processors, and additional features over thinness.

The latest iPad Pro, known for its 10-hour battery life and new features like the M4 chip and OLED display, has been marketed as the "thinnest Apple product ever." Gurman notes that this product marks a return to form for Apple, indicating that the company has found a way to make its devices thinner without sacrificing performance or features.

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The anticipated iPhone 16 models, set for release later this year, are not expected to feature many design changes. However, one notable upgrade is the introduction of thinner bezels around the display, achieved through a new Border Reduction Structure (BRS) process. 

This technology packs the circuitry more tightly and reroutes the wiring, allowing the display's bottom bezel to be thinned out, although it is reportedly more challenging to manufacture.

Gurman also mentioned that Apple is working on thinner versions of the MacBook Pro and Apple Watch for future releases. While the company continues to innovate and push the boundaries of design, consumers and industry watchers alike are eagerly anticipating the next steps in Apple's quest for thinner, more advanced devices.