Apple Car launch delayed to 2028 with trimmed autonomous functionalities

Apple shifts focus towards Level 2+ systems which is primarily based on self-driving features
An undated image of Apple logo. — Unsplash
An undated image of Apple logo. — Unsplash

Apple has laid down simpler and less demanding plans for its Apple Car to successfully bring the autonomous vehicle to the market.

The iPhone maker was initially planning to make a fully self-driving vehicle with extensive autonomous capabilities when it proposed the idea in 2014. However, the company is now willing to make a simpler electric vehicle with a trimmed set of features.

Initially, the tech giant was ambitious to integrate the Level 4 autonomous functionality in its Apple Car, which would have allowed it to control driving in certain conditions such as on highways. Unfortunately, numerous unfavourable circumstances led to the plan being foiled.

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However, the company has shifted its towards Level 2+ systems which are primarily based on self-driving features only that are said to be similar to those incorporated in Tesla vehicles, as noted by MacRumors.

The Level 2 self-driving system includes support for steering and brake/acceleration. Despite that, the driver remains in control of the vehicle and is required to stay attentive throughout the journey.

Factors that brought failure in the face of the company to execute its plans include multiple reshuffles in its launch schedule and frequently changing project leadership.

Given that, Apple, with no possibility in sight to attain Apple Car's development by 2026, has adjusted the launch timeline for the autonomous vehicle, now eyeing for 2028 to be the year for a potential launch.

The project has observed several setbacks and amendments since it was first revealed by Apple in 2014. Similarly, what further took the plan off track were leadership changes and internal conflict over the slow pace of development.

Back then, Apple Watch chief Kevin Lynch was at the helm of the project and worked with Tim Cook to opted different strategies after pressure from the top leadership of the company. As of now, Apple is in talks with new partners in Europe to execute the plan.