Apple electric car: This is what it could look, feel like

Mark Gurman says Apple Car had black windows, a sunroof full of glass, and identical front and rear bumpers
A representational image of an electric vehicle. — Pixabay

A representational image of an electric vehicle. — Pixabay

Since tech giant Apple last month suspended its electric car project, also known as Project Titan, after more than a decade, EV enthusiasts are still keen to dig about the visual and functional appeal of the Apple Car, envisaging what the vehicle could look like if the company did not cancel developmental work on it.

In view of that, a report from a credible source has been surfaced, providing a sneak peek of what was the apparent look of the Apple Car.

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg correspondent, earlier reported that the employees — working on the Apple electric car project — would be shifted to the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) division after project suspension. 

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What was Apple Car's design?

Gurman now says that, as per what Apple envisioned for the vehicle's design before 2020, the Apple car's design looked pretty much like Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle, a futuristic-looking car with rounded edges. However, the company, during the early stage of its plan, envisioned the long-awaited iCar to be more like its iVan, Apple's another vehicle.

His report states that the vehicle had black windows, a sunroof full of glass, and identical front and rear bumpers, which would perplex an ordinary passerby to differentiate between the vehicle's forward and backward movement.

Due to continuous changes made to the design strategies, Apple Car's interior changed multiple times. However, his reports mentions that “many of the car designs included a giant TV in the center to show videos and handle FaceTime.”

Other design renders claim that the vehicle possessed displays of iPad size dropping from the roof, whereas the seats of the vehicle mirrored those of a private jet, seats that could recline and had provide footrests.

Moreover, there could be a distinctive air conditioning inside that would not blow air directly at the driver's face, but instead circulate air along the sides of the cabin.

Before the design resembling Canoo, Jony Ive created a vehicle internally called "Bread Loaf," which had a resemblance to a 1950s VW bus. Subsequently, another version bore a resemblance to Volkswagen’s ID. Buzz. The most recent significant tipped redesign of the vehicle included winged doors similar like the ones on Tesla’s Model X.