Apple event 2024: What to expect from the upcoming WWDC and ‘Let Loose’ events

Apple event 2024 WWDC will introduce multiple AI models for the iOS users
An undated image of the WWDC 2024 poster. — Apple
An undated image of the WWDC 2024 poster. — Apple 

Apple is all set to host two major events — the “Let Loose” hardware virtual event on May 7 and the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 on June 10.

These Apple events 2024 mark the first major launch events of the company this year. While the "let loose" event is expected to launch the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models alongside the Apple Pencil, WWDC 2024 could be a game changer for the company's iOS devices.

Recently, Apple researchers have published several AI research papers, pointing towards revolutionary new features that could change how we use iOS devices. The focus seems to be on small-scale on-device language models (LLMs) that can operate independently within a device.

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Moreover, one such paper introduces ReALM, an AI model that can read screens and perform tasks using more contextual language, potentially upgrading Siri's capabilities. Another paper highlights Ferret-UI, a multimodal AI model that can perform actions on any interface, which makes it more built-in for use on the iPhone via verbal commands.

Additionally, for this Apple event 2024, the company has developed AI models like Keyframers, which can create animations from static images, and an image editing model that can make complex edits with simple step-by-step capabilities, making the Photos app faster.

However, it should be noted that these speculations are based on Apple's published research papers. The company is yet to confirm these features for its launch at WWDC 2024.