Apple's first ever foldable device: THIS is what it might look like

Rumours suggest that Apple's upcoming foldable device will be a larger device, while suggesting that it will not be an iPhone
A representational image of a foldable device. — Unsplash/file
A representational image of a foldable device. — Unsplash/file

With the space of modern foldable devices has countless products listed on it from various top brands, the industry is eyeing for something formidable from Apple.  

According to MacRumors, the iPhone maker is up to finalise the design of its in-the-making foldable device as it boosts up the progress pace for it.

It was learned from Taiwanese supply chain sources in a paywalled that the company has been working for at least five years on its first-ever attempt to join the sphere of foldable device. 

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However, because of unfavourable circumstances reportedly surfacing in its face, the project kept derailing from the track of potential development.

Which foldable device Apple is working on?

Describing the upcoming device's design as a "larger device", this development aligns with the rumours that emerged earlier, suggesting that the device will not be an iPhone, and would rather be a tablet or notebook. However, design efforts for the device are still currently aligning ahead of schedules for mass production.

As hinge mechanisms for foldable devices have made significant advancements in recent years, Apple faces its primary challenge in ensuring that the panel for its foldable product meets the company's high quality standards.

As per the report, Apple's alleged decision to pause Samsung's development of foldable display panels and its internal changes to assign Vision Pro engineers to the foldable project are emphasising on the company's commitment to quality.

Apple's foldable device release schedule

Furthermore, the report clarifies that Apple has not halted its efforts in foldable device development, instead, it now operates multiple departments dedicated to various foldable product lines. Nevertheless, Apple's first foldable device is not anticipated to be released until at least 2025.