Apple iOS 18 soon to bring new feature for iPhone users

Apple is likely to introduce a collection of emojis for iPhone and iPad users
An undated image of  emojis. — Freepik
An undated image of  emojis. — Freepik

Apple is expected to offer a collection of new emojis to iPhone and iPad users to make the conversations more intriguing and engaging, that would help the users to interpret their ideas in an accountable way and to add some more spice. Also, in a later release of iOS 18, the American tech-giant is likely to make these emojis public.

So, all the Apple users, are you ready for the most exciting summer season? As it will surely bring plenty of joy and excitement. Reports suggest that the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 event will unleash some anticipated surprises and especially Apple’s narrative over the future manipulated by artificial intelligence (AI).

Why is everyone so excited?

What is the big deal in the addition of more emojis in iPhones and iPad? The major thing is that the soon-to-be introduced collection of emojis have been evaluated by the Unicode Consortium which truly relates to the unique and special human moods. So, their review confirms the addition of interesting emojis that would surely be joyful to use in your daily conversations.

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However, the entire collection of emojis is still a subject to the approval and once they will be approved then, they would certainly be approachable to all the device manufacturers and it will be added soon in all the mobile devices. But, they would require a few months to complete the entire procedure to adopt these yet-to-be introduced emojis for iOS as well as iPadOS.