Apple is expected to integrate Vision Pro sensor technology in iPhones, iPads

Apple Vision Pro plans to add ‘stress detector’ in iPads and iphones
An undated image of eighth generation ipad. — Apple
An undated image of eighth generation ipad. — Apple

Apple is expected to integrate its Apple Vision Pro physiognomy sensor technology in both iPhones and iPads considering the user's health, where the device would be able to detect stress.

Stress detection in device: How does it work?

This soon-to-be launched patent application ‘Stress Detection’ primarily focuses to detect stress in its users. However, it still hasn’t launched any technology in response to the stress detection in order to provide relief. But, Apple has proposed that these devices will surely offer an enhanced user-experience by sending a notification related to the identified stress.

But, it will surely offer you stress-relaxing content which includes relaxing music, meditation, virtual content, etc. Not only this, but it also consists of few parts that would refer to headsets as well as virtual environments as this patent looks similar to the other patents related to the detection of Apple Vision Pro user’s physiological state.

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Moreover, it also consists of electroencephalography (EEG) amplitude with pupil modulation, heart rate and electrodermal activity. Patent said: “Physiological data perhaps used to detect stress level”. For instance, few appliances are also capable of detecting user’s eye attributes such as blink rate, velocity as well as pupil’s radius, heart rate which correlate to serene the stress level instead of ‘distressed’ stress level.