Apple likely to integrate ChatGPT in iPhone

Apple is in the final stage of negotiations with Open AI to integrate ChatGPT in iOS 18
An undated image of ChatGPT AI. — Flickr
An undated image of ChatGPT AI. — Flickr

Apple and Open AI might be in the last stage of finalising the deal to add ChatGPT to iPhones. Some reports suggest that Apple has also approached Google’s Alphabet to launch Gemini on its phones, however, things might not proceed.

Some reports released on May 11 say that Apple is finalising the deal with Open AI to launch ChatGPT in the next upcoming version, iOS 8. However, it’s not confirmed whether users will be able to disable this feature or not. There was a rumour rolling a year ago that Apple limited the use of ChatGPT due to security purposes as it can leak confidential data.

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According to recent reports, Apple is making efforts to create its own AI and for this purpose, it has recruited some AI experts from Google. Not only has it hired a team for it, but it is also reported that Apple has established a laboratory in the are called, “Vision Lab”, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Additionally, Apple has mentioned Octane which is a 3D design model powered by the Render Network, in its presentation’s keynote. It has an M4 chip on the latest iPad model. While Apple has not officially announced any AI model yet, it can’t be said that will it develop its own Artificial Intelligence or will launch it collaboratively with other existing AI models.