Apple 'Let Loose' event today: iPad Air, iPad Pro could get upgraded

Mark Gruman says that iPad Air is expected to be equipped with M2 chips, while iPad Pro models will feature M4 chips
An undated image displaying Let Loose events logo. — Apple
An undated image displaying Let Loose event's logo. — Apple

Apple's "Let Loose" event, the iPhone maker's first hardware event is just a couple of hours away and going to be mainly focusing on iPad updates and upgrades.

The Apple's May event being iPad-focused is corroborated by countless rumours and reports that are seen hinting towards an abundance of happenings around iPads.

Provided we're running out of time and there's a plethora of what you must be familiar with before the Apple event 2024 kicks off, GadInsider is here to give you a sneak peek into some valuable information and predictions based on leaks surfaced by credible sources.

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All you need to know about Apple event May 2024 would only be fruitful if you get to catch a live glimpse of Apple's Let Loose event. In order not to miss anything, you must be familiar with how you can watch Apple "Let Loose" event also known as "Apple event 5/7".

How to watch Apple's Let Loose event?

The event is slated to commence on Tuesday, May 7, 2024 (which is today) at at 7am PT or 10am ET. Following in the footsteps it walked during its last event of 2023, called "Scary Fast," Apple has made it a digital-only event.

Interested to watch the event? Stop beating around the bush and stream the event on Apple's official website or its YouTube channel.

Is iPad Air getting an upgrade at Apple event May 2024?

Since it's an iPad-centric event, we can expect iPad Air and iPad Pro variant to receive upgrades as they were last upgraded over two years ago. 

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If you give yourself a closer look at the logo of Let Loose event, there's no doubt you'll see an artistic Apple logo featuring a hand holding an Apple Pencil, the stylus compatible with iPads.

Besides on-the-surface specifications, rumours have hinted at the sixth-generation iPad Air to be the first in its lineup to introduce two sizes like the iPad Pro. On the other hand, iPad Pro, Apple's flagship tablet, has also been tipped to come with an OLED display.

Other speculations also suggest that Apple will also unveil the M4 chip, and if that comes true, it will mark the first time an M-series chip getting under the hood of an iPad.

Mark Gruman previously mentioned that the iPad Air is expected to be equipped with M2 chips, while the iPad Pro models will feature the M4 chips.