Apple likely to introduce customised version of 'Material You' for iPhones

Additional built-in app customisation features are down the road for iOS 18
An undated image of Apple iPhone 15. — Freepik
An undated image of Apple iPhone 15. — Freepik

Apple is set to release iOS 18 with additional customisation options, the first of which would let users modify the order and colour of their apps.

According to Bloomberg Corresponder Mark Gurman, all the users of the current iOS version are unable to customise the app's colours and are instead forced to utilise Apple's standard grid.

Apple is expected to launch a new feature 'Material You' that would enable all the users to differentiate the same apps with a single colour like all the social media apps would be represented by blue colour, while all the finance apps would be represented by green colour to improve the user experience.

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Recently, Apple has allowed all the users to create an app’s icon by utilising the integrated Shortcuts app. This way wouldn’t modify the app’s icon but assists you to customise a new-icon holding shortcut app.

Comparatively, reports suggested that iOS 18 is planning to launch a built-in feature that would enable the users for direct app icons providing a holistic customisation experience, however, this system is expected to be unleashed at Apple’s upcoming World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) event which will be scheduled to be held on June 10.

Apple is soon to introduce a feature consisting of a holistic approach that could reflect Google’s 'Material You' lively theme, exclusively based on wallpapers colours that are utilised by the system's theme engine. This intriguing feature is already available in Google Pixel devices providing a unique customisation experience.