Apple Music upcoming feature in testing: Importing libraries from other platforms

Apple Music‌ for Android might allow to add saved music and playlists you made in other music services to your ‌Apple Music‌ library
The image shows UI of Apple Music app. — Freepik/file
The image shows UI of Apple Music app. — Freepik/file

Tech giant Apple's music streaming app Apple Music is testing a new feature which lets users import songs and playlists from other music streaming apps such as Spotify.

With references to the feature spotted by a Reddit user on the latest version of Apple Music‌ beta for Android, MacRumors confirmed that the references were surely in the Android Package Kit (APK).

It appears that the feature in testing is a result of a collaborative effort of Apple. the iPhone maker, and SongShift, a third-party service that allows users to ensure a sync and transfer of their music libraries and playlists on different music streaming platforms.

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Images posted on Reddit indicate that new prompts in ‌Apple Music‌ for Android allow to "add saved music and playlists you made in other music services to your ‌Apple Music‌ library." Meanwhile, the option to do so appears to be located in the Android app's settings as well.

As far as the report by MacRumors is concerned, it looks that the feature to import music libraries from other platforms is not widely available, nor does it enjoy a comprehensive functionality. What validates this fact is that screens are not displayed to app's beta version user, meaning that the app is in the initial phase of testing called A/B testing.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a method opted to compare two versions of the same app, with users haphazardly faced with either version. Following the test, analysis based on statistical data is then used to find out which version performs better for the desired objectives.

Although similar services have long existed for past few years, but only a handful survived as most of them lacked in terms of potential functionality without a subscription.

Import libraries from other platforms on Apple Music: When is it releasing?

There's no concrete information as to when or if Apple Music will employ SongShift feature after a full-fledged development. 

However, the possibility  of this feature's inclusion remains partial, and if the other half fall in favour of its adoption, chances are good that the app will make its way in the ‌Apple Music‌ app for Apple devices.