Apple Pay down for Chase card users in 'Maryland', other states

Apple Pay is down specifically for Chase card users while trying to shop online
An undated image displaying Apple Pay logo. — Unsplash
An undated image displaying Apple Pay logo. — Unsplash

It has been learned that Apple Pay is down, specifically for Chase customers, as users began reporting about the inability to use their Apple cards while trying to shop online.

Chase Cards not working while using Apply Pay

As noted by The Verge, only the digital use of the payment platform's functionality is encountering issues, as using the physical Chase cards is perfectly fine.

The publication also reported that Chase cards of its own employees were also declined while using Apple Pay, which validates the failure being observed on the iPhone maker's online payment platform.

The functional crash has surfaced almost a week after PayPal. Apple Pay's archrival, announced to offer offline payments after the comprehensive implementation of new EU regulations, the Digital Markets Act (DMA), will be observed next month for major tech "gatekeepers" like Apple.

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Moreover, Apple’s system status page has confirmed that Apple Pay and Apple Wallet remained under maintenance which commenced at 12PM on Saturday (February 17).

Acknowledging the problem, he status page specified the place where users might have had their Chase cards declined most, saying that user in Maryland may have come across the issue before users in other states, as users across the country might have reported running into issues. On the contrary, users in both Los Angeles and New York have also reported facing the problem.

While Apple Pay users with non-Chase banks like Citi reported no issues, Chase card users took to the social media, highlighting the inability to use their cards.

A representational image. — Threads
A representational image. — Threads

However, late on Saturday night, Chase customer service line was reportedly up to 15-minute wait times with representatives assuring people that Apple Pay is “going through maintenance” to receive “an unexpected upgrade.”

Apple Pay maintenance completed? 

So far the tech giant has not reflected on as to when the maintenance in progress will be over, and the issue will be looked after and resolved.