Apple opens discussions with OpenAI to integarte AI feature in IOS 18

Apple is rumoured to be in talks with Alphabet Inc.'s Google licensing company Gemini Chabot
An undated image of Apple IOS 17. – Apple
An undated image of Apple IOS 17. – Apple

Apple is working on developing an iPhone with iOS 18 that can integrate with OpenAI features. The two companies have begun reviving talks on a possible arrangement to introduce new features using the startup's technology.

The latest progress came almost two months before Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where they announced to introduce the new AI features in iOS 18. These steps mark a reopening of the dialogue between companies.

Apple was rumoured to be in talks with Alphabet Inc.'s Google licensing company about the company's Gemini Chabot. Earlier, it was also reported that Apple and OpenAI held discussions about the collaboration this year, though there has been minimal work on the idea since then.

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However, there is no certainty whether a deal will work between the following partnerships, as Apple has not decided which partners it will collaborate moving forward. Rumours suggest that Apple can finalise deals with both Google and OpenAI.

Moreover, the new features introduced in the next iPhone's operating system will be based on Apple's in-house Large Language Model — an AI software that can generate text based on the human voice — but Apple is looking for a company to open a chatbot-like feature similar to AI ChatGPT, as reported by Gadgets360.

The company is advancing its AI features as a standout offering, with a focus on seamless integration across its devices and strong privacy protections. Unlike rival AI offerings, the company's features are designed to provide a more built-in and secure user experience.