Apple TV InSight feature lets users add music to library

iOS 18, tvOS 18 beta testers report on using InSight, feature active for Apple TV Plus users only
An undated image of an Apple Store. — iStock
An undated image of an Apple Store. — iStock

Apple TV has been integrated with a new feature called InSight, letting users add music directly to their music library. Announced at this year’s World-Wide-Developer's Conference (WWDC), the feature has finally been released to the iOS 18 and tvOS 18 Betas. 

Beta testers have revealed that the feature is active for all Apple TV Plus shows and is even compatible with the iPhone. 

When active, InSight will inform the viewer about the characters, actors and songs appearing on the screen via a dock. 

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This information will also appear on the user’s iPhone, letting them add music to their library. 

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