Apple TV may be coming to Android

Apple releases recruitment ad for Android engineer
An undated image of a UI. — iStock
An undated image of a UI. — iStock
  • Apple has raised eyebrows after having released a recruitment ad for a senior Android engineer for its streaming service, Apple TV+.

    With the move suggesting the tech giant’s interest in integrating with other software systems, the company seems to be amicable to the idea of moving on from its long-drawn, “walled garden” strategy.

    The ad is refreshingly unambiguous in its naming of android, describing the task as follows: “Looking for a proactive, hardworking and experienced senior android engineer to lead the development of fun new features.”

    The service hasn’t fully been out-of-reach for Android users who’ve accessed the platform through a Chromecast version instead, nonetheless, a TV+ app would indicate a more company-driven focus.

    Regarding base pay, the opening can range from between $131,500 to $243,300, subject to skills, qualifications and experience.

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    Bloomberg’s Mark Gurmana sensed a change in the air: “The move suggests that the company is looking to gain market share in video streaming — and is setting aside its rivalry with Android in order to chase additional users.”

    While the move could very well be a faithful attempt at becoming more inclusive, there’s reason to believe that it's a precaution against regulatory intervention.

    Lawmakers have been particularly hard recently, scrutinizing the company’s apparent ostracization of foreign users, most famously with the exclusivity of iMessage to its user base along with an inferior TV+ experience for non-iOS users.

    Owing to the current mood regarding supposed tech monopolies, this could be a sure way of avoiding further embarrassment while expanding their user base.

    Apple TV apps list

    With the Apple TV experience potentially becoming more accessible, it's best to learn a little about the applications available.

    Note while all devices are bound to have the same list of preloaded apps, there might be some trivial differences due to regional settings.

    Popular services including; Netflix, Amson Prime, Max, and Hulu among others are available subject only to location. Besides this, thousands of other applications are made available through the App Store.