Apple TV+ series The Problem with Jon Stewart cancelled: Jon Stewart

Stewart decides to make a comeback to "The Daily Show" as Apple cancels his Apple TV+ series "The Problem with Jon Stewart"
An undated image displaying Apple TV logo. — Unsplash
An undated image displaying Apple TV logo. — Unsplash

Renowned talk show moderator Jon Stewart has confirmed about the cancellation of an Apple Tv+ series named after him: The Problem with Jon Stewart.

During an interview with the CBS Mornings, aired on Variety, Stewart reflected on the reasoning behind the unprecedented move by the tech giant. He attributed the cancellation of the series to the content concerns, saying that Apple did not want him to "say things" that could make him bear repercussions.

"I wanted a place to unload thoughts as we get into this election season. I thought I was going to do it over at — they call it Apple TV+. It's a television enclave, very small. It's like living in Malibu. But they decided ... they felt that they didn't want me to say things that might get me in trouble," he said during the interview.

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In October last year, the TV prominent talk show host suffered another talk show ahead of the the launch of the third season, with rumours highlighting his "creative differences" with Apple executives to be the driver behind the disagreement, Mac Rumors reported.

On the other hand, a New York Times report noted last year's show was dropped because of some planned guests, alongside topics related to China and artificial intelligence being the talk of the show.

Although he did not delve into the details of the reported dispute between him and Apple, he's brought to light considerable validation as to why his Apple TV + series was cancelled.

Industry experts claim that a TV show cancellation of such calibre could leave a dent on Apple's reputation and might lead to cautious attitude of hosts for Apple's future projects.

Apple has cancelled "The Problem with Jon Stewart" ahead of the 2024 elections in the US. In response, Stewart has chosen to make a comeback to "The Daily Show," where he will be featured every Monday night throughout the election cycle. 

Stewart previously served as the host of "The Daily Show" for over 15 years before stepping down eight years ago to pass the torch to Trevor Noah. With Noah's retirement last year, the series has been in search of a new host.