Apple unvells visionOS 2 at WWDC 2024

Apple rolls out an update for the Vision Pro, following a year's wait
An undated image of the Apple Vision Pro. – Unsplash
An undated image of the Apple Vision Pro. – Unsplash

Apple introduced an upgrade for its Vision Pro, visionOS 2, on Monday  the biggest upgrade the device’s received since last year.

The company unveiled a series of updates but held back on a few. One of the upgrades involves being able to use the Magic or Mac keyboard, which was previously inaccessible in immersive environments, now, that has changed.

When you’re immersed in an Environment, visionOS 2 recognises and reveals your Magic Keyboard or MacBook keyboard so you can keep typing away — on the beach, in the mountains, or even on the moon.

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In a welcome note, the company announced that the upcoming visionOS will be compatible with mice, not just Apple's Magic Mice, but also third-party ones.

Some additional snippets related to VisionOS:

  • Users can now rearrange their VisionPro's Homeview by using a pinch-and-hold gesture.
  • You can relocate iPad apps from the "Compatible Apps" folder and position them anywhere on the Home View.

Enhanced video experience, as Apple explained: “Enjoy watching videos in Safari on a truly massive screen while you’re in any Environment. It’s a stunning cinematic viewing experience — with a new beautiful glow and reflection from the screen.”

The initial visionOS 2 beta has been made accessible to developer beta testers. The update is set for release to the public in the fall.