Apple Vision Pro could support new Apple Pencil with drawing apps

Users might be able to view visual outcome of their drawings, made using Apple Pencil, from open visionOS app
An undated image displaying a man using Apple Pencil on an iPad. — Unsplash
An undated image displaying a man using Apple Pencil on an iPad. — Unsplash

The support extended to external gadgets on Apple Pencil is very slim, as it is only compatible with iPads. However, a report has emerged recently, claiming that the latest version of Apple Pencil, which is in the making, will be compatible with the Apple Vision Pro headset.

This intriguing reports has taken over the spotlight at a time when the iPhone maker is gearing up to release visionOS 2, the second consecutive software update for its spatial gadget, Vision Pro.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, MacRumors reported that the latest variant of the accessory, Apple Pencil, is under the development phase, particularly the stage of testing and inspections.  

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The compatibility of the accessory with Vision Pro will allow it be used with drawing apps on the mixed reality headset, such as Freeform and Pixelmator.

Besides that, the report does not provide a glimpse of what more will be supported on Vision Pro with the latest version of Apple Pencil, except the likelihood of the ability to draw or write with the Apple Pencil on a desk or flat surfaces on the Vision Pro. Users might be able to view the visual outcome of all these drawings from the open visionOS app.

Provision of this facility would transform the surroundings of a person into a huge canvas — coupled with comprehensive support for pressure and tilt — to draw on. 

Apple Pencil launch timeline

As conveyed by the rumour, the new Apple Pencil is anticipated to debut in April this year alongside new iPad Pro and iPad Air models. However, it should be noted that that provided launch timeline and the aforementioned features are based on rumour.