Apple Watch for kids: A smart alternative to smartphones

Apple Watch lets children communicate with parents share their whereabouts
An undated image of Apple Watch SE. — Apple
An undated image of Apple Watch SE. — Apple

Apple Watch for children is becoming more prevalent among parents. The Apple Watch lets kids maintain contact with their parents, share their whereabouts, and develop responsibility without the high expense and complexity of a smartphone.

According to 9To5Mac, youngsters as young as five are adopting the Apple Watch. Parents are discovering that the Apple Watch is more suited for children who desire cell phones.

Apple Watch for kids

The Apple Watch lets children communicate with parents, share their whereabouts, and develop responsibility without incurring the entire expense and risk of a smartphone.

Moreover, the watch can be an excellent beginning gadget for children if parents want a controllable approach to introducing technology early on.

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Family setup for Apple Watch

Apple's Family Setup function enables parents to set up a cellular Apple Watch SE, Series 4, or above from their iPhone. No iPhone is necessary for the family member.

Whereas the monthly connection charge is approximately $10 plus fees. T-Mobile offers a kid-friendly plan with unlimited talking and 500MB per month for half the price with auto-pay. This is useful if you already have a T-Mobile subscription and want to save money on a watch plan for your child.

Schooltime mode

There's also an option called Schooltime under Family Setup that prohibits the Apple Watch during school hours. Parents may handle this remotely using their iPhones.

In addition, the users can find out more about Schooltime here, including how to use it after school hours for study groups and other activities.

Best Apple Watch prices for kids

New Apple Watches can be expensive as a first step into the semi-smartphone world for children. A new 40mm Apple Watch SE 2 with LTE costs $299. That explains why secondhand watches with cellular are ideal for Family Setup.

However, an alternative is to buy used Apple Watches from eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Amazon's reconditioned inventory. Users can find a 40mm cellular SE for $120 locally, and Amazon's Renewed Store provides comparable deals.