Apple Watch to get Siri 2.0 integration

Apple Watch has potential to become ultimate AI wearable with Siri 2.0
An undated image of a person wearing Apple Watch. — Unsplash
An undated image of a person wearing Apple Watch. — Unsplash 

Imagine having a personal assistant that can help you with complex tasks, that can be a great time saver for you. In a significant move towards the AI improvement to Siri, Apple is gearing up to transform the Apple Watch and create the ultimate AI wearable.

After the release of iOS 18, Apple is expected to announce a major AI update for Siri that will turn the Apple Watch into a powerful AI gadget. You'll be able to communicate naturally with others, access complex activities and third-party apps, and manage your iPhone or iPad with Siri 2.0.

Apple Watch is an ideal candidate for an AI update because of its integrated fitness-focused sensors and dual-band connectivity capabilities. Since Apple is famous for its attention to privacy and security features, the Apple Watch does the majority of its operations locally while offloading certain AI tasks to distant servers that use a "virtual black box" to protect your personal information.

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With this update, fitness fans may find the Apple Watch to be their go-to gadget for starting exercises, managing music playlists, and accessing apps without using their phone. The Apple Watch has the potential to become the ultimate AI wearable with Siri 2.0, saving you time and simplifying your life.

The Apple Watch is already the best smartwatch for iPhone users, and with Siri 2.0, it could become an indispensable device. With its AI upgrade, the Apple Watch could revolutionise the way we interact with our own devices, making it a game changer in the world of AI wearables.