Apple WWDC 2024: Best features revealed at Apple event

Features like iPhone Mirroring and Match Notes gained immense popularity within just two days of their announcement
An undated image of WWDC 2024. — Apple
An undated image of WWDC 2024. — Apple

Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 is still happening, and being one of the most electrifying events, it's pouring out a stream of announcements of some jaw-dropping Apple products and services.

While Apple Intelligence set new heights, there are some other features as well that rapidly stepped into the limelight, and as always, Gadinsider is here to have and let you have a closer look at them.  

Top features announced at WWDC 2024

Here are some of the best and most exhilarating features that would help you in your routine chores.

Match Notes on iPadOS 18

One of the best and most surprising features that gained immense popularity within two days is the Math Notes on iPad. So, no more worries and stress especially for students as all you have to do is write down the numerical with an Apple pencil that would be solved within a few seconds with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Additionally, users will receive the results in their handwriting and it’s the most intriguing way to comprehend a complicated subject like Maths. 

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Siri interacts with AirPods Pro 

Amongst all the recently introduced features launched at WWDC, this feature captivated all the users as Apple’s voice assistant Siri interacts with Airpods. It would read your messages, and accept or decline the call via Airpods to provide you maximum ease, it would be extremely helpful in public places, during a meeting, and at different stages. 

iPhone Mirroring

The technology has entirely evolved in today’s era and one of the major examples is the iPhone Mirroring feature on Mac. However, it's a bit older technological feature but the American tech giant has introduced it to any of its devices for the first time. It will let you control the iPhone with macOS and perform plenty of intriguing functions while the iPhone remains locked.