Apple's 'Develop in Swift Tutorials' page launched for developers

New webpage can be reached through Apple Developer portal
An undated image displaying Apple logo. — Pexels
An undated image displaying Apple logo. — Pexels

With WWDC getting closer with each passing day, the iPhone maker has revealed a new webpage, consisting of tutorials for developers in the initial stages of learning to code with Xcode, Swift, and Swift UI.

Comprising guidelines for developers on how to install Xcode and start their first Swift project, and the likes, the webpage is now live and called “Develop in Swift Tutorials.”

“Today we’re announcing a new set of tutorials for students taking their first steps into coding with Swift and SwiftUI! You don’t need prior coding experience to use these tutorials, so they’re a great foundational,” said Tim Sneath, Apple’s head of developer tools marketing.

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Apple states that the tutorials on the website are suitable for "everyone," including individuals with no previous coding experience. The tutorials provide detailed instructions on downloading and installing Xcode, creating a new project, and developing a basic app. 

Apple also urges users to modify the code to explore various outcomes, emphasising that the project's text and colours are merely suggestions and can be personalised. The content of the page has been structured into the following sections:

  • Explore Xcode
  • Views, structures, and properties
  • Layout and style
  • Buttons and state
  • Lists and text fields

Additionally, the page also contains guides on data modeling and two sections specifically focused on developing apps for visionOS. The new Develop in Swift Tutorials webpage can be reached through the Apple Developer portal.