Apple’s event 2024: Launch of new iPads and more

Apple is preparing to hold its next event ‘Let Loose’ on May 7
An undated image of Apple event — Apple
An undated image of Apple event — Apple

Apple is preparing to hold its next event, titled ‘Let Loose,’ marking its first major launch event of the year. Scheduled for Tuesday, May 7, the event is expected to shine the spotlight on the iPad lineup, with rumours suggesting a significant update in the works. Event will be broadcast live at 7am PT. You can watch the event on or on the Apple TV app.

The invitation for the event features an unmistakable Apple Pencil, hinting at what could be a key focus of the announcement. Given that Apple has not refreshed its iPad lineup since the previous year, anticipation is running high for what the tech giant has in store.

According to recent reports, alongside the new iPad models, Apple is also set to unveil an upgraded Apple Pencil and a keyboard case. This aligns with earlier leaks, adding credibility to the speculation surrounding the event.

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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in his latest newsletter, said the new Apple Pencil will have a feature no Apple stylus has had before which wll be called haptic feedback.

Haptic feedback, known for its ability to provide tactile sensations through vibrations, adds a new dimension to the user experience. For instance, on a MacBook trackpad, haptic feedback creates the illusion of movement when pressed, enhancing the interaction without physically altering the device's surface.

Something similar on an Apple Pencil could be very effective, especially as it seems to gel with a previous report that the next Pencil would have a new ‘squeeze function.’

Moreover, there are whispers of a new M4 chip making its debut at the event, a mere six months following the introduction of the M3 chip series. The swift release of the M4 chip could be attributed to delays in the launch of the M3 chips, potentially due to supply chain constraints.

As excitement builds ahead of the May event, Apple fans and tech enthusiasts alike eagerly anticipate the unveiling of these new products. With the promise of cutting-edge technology and innovative features, Apple's 'Let Loose' event is shaping up to be a significant moment in the world of tech.

Check out this video for Apple's event: