Apple's foldable devices: Foldable iPhone, foldable Hybrid on the horizon

Foldable hybrid is expected to be a unique lineup for Apple and could replace Apple iPad Mini
An undated image of the iPhone 15. — iPhone
An undated image of the iPhone 15. — iPhone

Tech giant Apple is working on some exciting new devices, with rumours suggesting that Apple is going to introduce a new foldable hybrid and foldable iPhone soon.

The foldable hybrid is expected to be a unique lineup for Apple, targeting the ultra-high-end market, and could potentially replace the Apple iPad Mini as the go-to device for those looking for something portable and powerful.

Apple is expected to begin mass production of the foldable hybrid in late 2025, followed by the foldable iPhone in late 2026.

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Foldable devices are the next generation of smartphones and tablets as they offer the flexibility of a tablet and the portability of a smartphone, all in one device. 

Apple's foldable devices, including the rumoured Apple foldable iPhone and Apple iPad Mini, are expected to be high-end devices targeting the ultra-high-end market. However, rumours suggest that devices could come in a dual-screen foldable MacBook or an iPad hybrid. 

Additionally, Apple's foldable hybrid will be equipped with a 20.3-inch display screen followed by a foldable iPhone with two different display sizes of 7.9 inches and 8.3 inches. 

Both devices will feature advanced designs and specifications and will provide a new user experience. Whether you're a fan of smartphones or tablets, the Apple iPad mini is worth keeping an eye on, as reported by 9to5mac.