Apple's new passwords app lacks key features found in 1Password

1Password allows users to keep two additional data types in the app
An undated image of iOS 18. — Freepik
An undated image of iOS 18. — Freepik

Apple has recently released the latest Passwords app in iOS 18, which users can download once they upgrade to the new OS versions across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices.

However, the Passwords app lacks some functions available in third-party options like 1Password, particularly for personal use. Two compelling features missing from Apple’s Passwords app are secure notes and credit card information storage.

The Cupertino-based company has designed the Passwords app to assist users with tasks such as finding passkeys, Wi-Fi information, verification codes, and more. However, users will only be able to work with similarly categorised data in every case.

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In contrast, the 1Password app allows users to store two additional data types alongside passwords: secure notes and credit card info. These are the two major features missing from Apple’s Passwords app.

Alternative apps

As mentioned earlier, 1Password’s secure notes and credit card features aren’t available in Apple’s newly introduced app. However, Apple offers alternative apps for these functions:

Apple Notes app

The Apple Notes app works similarly to the secure notes feature in 1Password. It allows users to lock a note, requiring Face ID or Touch ID authentication to access it.

Wallet app

The Wallet app works similarly to 1Password’s credit card feature. Users can easily use the app on iPhone without any settings, though Mac and iPad require a few configurations. However, the Wallet app does not contain complete credit card information as 1Password does, often requiring users to visit their banking app. Therefore, users often find 1Password more secure and reliable for keeping their credit card info safe, which is not possible with the Wallet app.