Apple's SF Symbols library receives major update

Sequence of new animations might help conclusive UI elements stand out, whether it's rotating Time Machine icon
An undated image showing Apple SF Symbols. — Apple
An undated image showing Apple SF Symbols. — Apple

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 struck off the AI-packed announcements, while the main attention was on the modified Siri and the new operating system iOS 18. 

In addition, the tech giant Apple unveiled new SF Symbols during the event, a group of icons made to work with the default font systems in Apple’s multiple operating systems. 

They are utilised natively in apps of Apple's entire flagship product lineups, as well as provided to third-party developers. On top of that, this year people noticed an addition of 800 icons to the library, with each icon available for developers to utilise for their apps. 

The best new SF Symbols for 2024

People noticed the mobile game controller involved, especially as they like to jump off Diablo Immortal and Call of Duty Mobile now and again. Moreover, the motorcycle looks good, and strangely detailed. 

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In addition, what is displayed in a motorised wheelchair might be essential for representation. Whereas, the animated fan appears like it’s been squeezed from a car dashboard. 

New animations on iPhone

A sequence of new animations might help conclusive UI (user interface) elements stand out, whether it’s the rotating Time Machine icon. The Activity Rings rippled to a close “jump” of the Share icon, which is insistent on being clicked. There are a lot of neat new animations. 

Moreover, the Magic Replace, which looks like related items, appears like a notification bell with a dot close to it.